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Review of boundaries of UK MPs

The Boundary Commission is changing the shape and size of most UK constituencies.

You can see the proposed boundaries on, and comment on them (before 5 December 2022).

There has been an earlier consultation on "initial proposals" which have shaped the new "revised proposals".

What's going on in Southend-on-Sea

As a proud resident of UKH31, I'm looking at Southend.

The councillors elected are:


The classic Southend West

For the last 60 years, the city has been split into West and East (the East also includes Rochford, to the north).

This conveniently splits the Labour city-centre stronghold in two. With much of the Labour vote in Southend East, neither constituency can beat the Tories.


Boundary Commission proposal

The Boundary Commission proposal does not split the Labour vote. It all collects into the West.

As a result, the West is a lot more marginal, if Labour and Lib Dems vote the same way.

Boundary Commission's revised proposals

Tory leaflet suggestion

The Tories are leafleting with a suggestion.


It has a very strange shape.

By adding back Eastwoord Park, St Laurence and, erm, St Lukes (really!?) they can get rid of several Labour districts again.

Tory proposals

My consultation response

The consulation asks for "evidence from the local area of community ties that we can balance against the need to ensure the right amount of electors in each constituency" and they take into account "geography considerations, such as major roads", "local government [and] constituency boundaries", "local ties" and "inconveniences".

My response was:

I'm writing in support of your revised proposals for the Southend-on-Sea constituencies.

I'm very happy to see Leigh back together again in these proposals.

The proposed boundaries between Southend West and Rochford and Southend East are good, as the dual carriageway and the railway are major landmarks with limited crossing points.

One benefit of the revised proposals is that Southend Airport, including the area of the two councils' Joint Area Action Plan, is in one constituency. I'm glad there will be a single MP accountable for the airport, instead of the existing mess where one end of the runway has a different MP than the other.

I am opposed to the Conservative Party's counter-proposal, which attempts to add St Lukes from the other side of the railway. This is a weird suggestion, given there is no way to cross the railway from St Lukes to St Laurence. I urge you to stick with your revised proposals.

Get your own response in (for your own area) by 5 December.