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Statement of accounts for

Spending limits

In the year before an election, there are limits on how much you can spend on influencing voters. Guidance from the Electoral Commission (pdf) describes the limit for non-party campaigners:

If you are not registered, including if you are not eligible to register, you cannot spend more than £20,000 in England or £10,000 in any of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland during a regulated period on regulated campaign activity.

All the money for DontSplitTheRemainVote comes from myself. There are no other donors.

I'm not going to spend anywhere near £20,000! But public campaigns should have public accounts, so here is an breakdown of costs.

The costs of running a website

The cost is £50.69.

Domain registration:

Hosting - original setup of static html with postcodes using php+sqlite:

Hosting - the last month, with postcode lookup using fcgi+postgresql and failover between 2 servers:


I spent money on advertising, a large £679.59. About 10-15% of visitors came from advertising.

Over time I reduced the maximum cost per click to 2p/click and still hit the daily cap on spending every day. I used manual cost per click because the automatic algorithm wanted to spend 70p/click or more (surprise, surprise).



During the regulated period, I spent £730.28 on