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Off-peak laptop charging

What if I charged the battery off-peak and used that power on-peak? Easy enough!

Review of boundaries of UK MPs

A commission is reviewing the constituencies for electing MPs

How git works

How does git really work, with examples

Another look at the coronavirus numbers

The number of positive test results is increasing, but how many people are not tested?

Systemd service for PowerTop

Saving power by default

How many people have Coronavirus in the UK

What do we know for sure?

Statement of accounts for DontSplitTheRemainVote.com

The cost of Democracy

QR codes

Fun with QR codes

An introduction to dbplanview.com

How understanding the PostgreSQL query planner allows you to make queries faster

Gender bias in the EU election

Who is standing for election in the EU parliamentary elections (in the UK)?

The average bus stop

Where is the average bus stop in the UK?